Young Investigators Dialogue

Current output parameters in tissue repair research

Wednesday 21 October 2015 12.30-14.00, lunch break session

This year, the junior committee (JC) will organize a new session, the YI dialogue. This session is based on the request of young investigators to share and discuss general topics in the field of tissue repair. The YI dialogue is scheduled at the first day during the lunch break and the aim of the session is to share information and stimulate discussion. Therefore, every participant of the conference is welcome to join this session.

The YI dialogue is focussed on current methods used in tissue repair research and the session is divided in two sub-sessions, one with a clinical topic and one with a biomedical topic. The clinical topic of this year will be “From animal model to human healing - Lost in translation?” and the biomedical topic “Myofibroblast markers - is α-SMA the holy grail?”. The sessions will contain a short introductory talk of a senior researcher (a practitioner with extensive experience in the field), case discussions in smaller working groups, short presentations of the group findings and adjudication at the end of the session.

To make this session as useful as possible the JC asks for your input. If you have a case that could be discussed during the YI dialogue, please fill in the case report form below before the first of September 2015. Based on the input the JC will select two cases per sub-session, the cases considered will include examples of studies that encountered difficulties either with the animal model used or the myofibroblast marker(s). Cases will be presented by the person submitting the case, their nominee or one of the Workshop Facilitators. The views of the discussion groups will be shared with the whole dialogue group and the actual outcome of each case will be reported.  It is anticipated that the case discussions will subsequently be written up for publication on the ETRS website.  

We thank you in advance for your input and hope to see you all at the ETRS 2015

The Junior  Committee of ETRS 2015

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