Auditorium poster presentations

Wednesday, 21 October 2015, 15:45-16:30

Title    Presenting author
15:45 A novel nude mouse model of hypertrophic scarring using scratched full-thickness human skin grafts    Saad Alrobaiea
15:48 Human skin microorganisms are distributed in biofilm aggregates at wound edges    Lene Bay
15:51 Bacterial diversity and therapeutic properties of lactic acid bacterial symbionts in venous leg ulcers    Eile Butler 
15:54 Direct adhesion of macrophages promotes myofibroblast differentiation by establishing a niche of active tgf-β1    Boris Hinz
15:57 Expression of visual and non-visual photoacceptors in human dermal fibroblasts: Implications for light-based wound healing therapies    Irene Castellano
16:00 Aspirin topic treatment improves cutaneous wound healing in diabetic mice through lipoxygenase-dependent production of pro-resolving lipid mediator    Christophe Dardenne
16:03 Biophotonic therapy minimizes scarring in human skin healing in vivo using the dermal fibrotic mouse model    Jie Ding
16:06 Evidence-based recommendations for burn scar assessment    Hilary Wallace
16:09 A bio-hybrid injectable scaffold improves healing outcome in both fibrotic and non-healing wound animal models    Ryan Hartwell
16:12 Differences in human dermal fibroblasts derived from donor-matched terminal and vellus hair-bearing skin: implications for wound healing    M. Julie Thornton
16:15 Local hyperglycemia in full-thickness wounds in euglycemic rats impairs wound healing in a concentration dependent manner    Carla Kruse

Thursday, 22 October 2015, 15:15-16:00

  ROOM 1
 Time Title  
   Presenting author
15:15 Why not cover up diabetic foot ulcers? A systematic review    Dirk Ubbink
15:18 Identification of gene expression profiles underlying preferentially stimulated keratinocyte wound healing responses and re-epithelialisation by novel epoxy-tigliane pharmaceuticals    Rachael Moses
15:21 The effect of a synthetic heparan sulfate compound on breaking strength of colonic anastomoses and laparotomy wounds: A randomized and blinded study in rats    Malene Nerstrøm
15:24 Pseudomonas aeruginosa modulates host inflammation by abating cytokine function    Mariena van der Plas
15:27 Beta catenin associates with cancer-related genes in Dupuytren’s disease     David O'Gorman
15:30 The role of human dermal fibroblasts in regulating availability of biologically active vitamin D: Implications for cutaneous wound healing    Jing Qin Tay
15:33 In-silico modelling of the senescence associated secretory phenotype in a wound healing environment    Patrick Meyer
15:36 Investigation of the mechanism of increased healing tendon strength after basic-fibroblast growth factor or vascular endothelial growth factor gene therapy by adeno-associated virus2 vectors    Paul Y Liu
15:39 Effect of debridement and secondary dressings on bioburden in chronically infected ulcers    Chun Yang
15:42 Hair follicle transplantation as a novel approach to healing chronic wounds in the porcine model    Chun Yang
15:45 The natural behavior of mononuclear phagocytes in hypertrophic scar formation    Jie Ding